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We Are Co-Motion
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We are Reuma Sharvit Rivlin & Orit Keren, partners in Co-Motion and senior consultants, each with over 18 years of experience in local and corporations.

We established Co-Motion in 2013, after holding executive roles in large, global corporations for many years. We bring extensive in-house organizational experience with academic and professional know how, integrating best practices and methodologies into our clients' own organizational reality.

We know the organizational arena inside and out.

We love what we do, and are constantly inspired by the leaders, managers and teams we work with. 

We specialize in strategic internal communication as a leadership asset and a business enabler.

We provide unique expertise in leading, coaching, training and motivating professional teams, supporting CxOs, executives, HR professionals and internal communication teams, dealing with the comprehensive aspects involved in the management of diverse global organizations.




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Orit Keren is a senior internal communications consultant, with expertise in communications, marketing and human resources. She is an expert in developing & implementing internal communication strategies and work plans, and is highly experienced in establishing and managing complex internal communication platforms in global corporations. Following almost two decades of working in global corporations in senior positions in Marketing, Communications and HR, Orit is an expert at cultivating  internal dialogues and cross organizational engagement which promote cross organizational communication and collaboration. Having spent her teenage years in Canada, Orit appreciates the need to bridge cross cultural gaps and to create meaningful dialogue that transcends barriers of language, geography and culture.

Orit specializes in personal coaching and on the job training of internal communications professionals and HR managers in all aspects related to internal communications. A native English speaker and a passionate writer, she loves to translate strategic objectives, facts and figures into motivational stories and messages. She is a certified attorney and a member of the Israeli Bar Association.


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Reuma Sharvit Rivlin is a senior consultant and group facilitator, with over two decades of experience in management, communications and human resources. She has extensive experience and knowledge in organizational dynamics, including strategic processes, organizational and managerial culture, leadership and HR. She is an experienced leader, and held various senior leadership positions in leading global corporations and in the public sector. She is an expert in coaching and supporting CEOs, management and professional teams as they deal with the variety of aspects involved in the management of diverse organizations.

Reuma is passionate about optimizing organizational communications as a leadership asset and a business enabler. She has hands on experience in leading and designing strategic plans to facilitate complex organizational projects as well as comprehensive communication plans. She is a certified and trained mediator, holding a Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution, and often embeds dispute resolution disciplines and best practices into the organizational arena. She is also a certified Group Facilitator and a World At Work Trainer.