We provide an array of tailor-made consulting services to address our clients specific needs.


Internal Communications Strategic Planning 

Supporting organizations in the orchestration & synchronization of the communication environment

  • Gap analysis and definition of main focus areas for the organization's internal communications strategic plan
  • Supporting cross organizational and strategic initiatives- business strategy, M&As, culture and values, HR processes, etc.


Change & Crisis Management

  • Supporting leaders and teams through the challenges involved with operating in a constantly evolving, dynamic business environment
  • Harnessing communications to maintain clarity and certainty in times of crisis and change

Leadership and management coaching

  • Long and short term personal support for leaders, managers and professionals, using personal coaching methodologies to enhance and optimize leadership and communication skills

Coaching and consulting services for in-house communications and HR teams

  • Supporting internal teams in the creation, implementation & execution of internal communications strategic plans                                                  
  • Coaching in-house teams to enhance professional communication capabilities, skills and know how
  • On the job training for communication professionals

Organizational Crowd Sourcing Planning & Facilitation

  • Planning, structuring and facilitating methodologies such as brain-storming sessions, round tables and focus groups, targeted at optimizing synergies and harvesting the knowledge that exists within organizations


  •  Training workshops for managers,  management teams and professional teams, focusing on communication as a powerful leadership tool and providing practical methodologies & tools
  • Communication workshops focusing on a specific cross organizational or strategic initiative

Why Us?

  • We listen, encourage productive dialogue and harvest the knowledge which already exists within organizations to create meaningful, empowering and engaging strategic plans and stories.
  • We believe in working together with our clients, creating synergies, optimizing and enriching organizational know how and practices.
  • We know our way in the jungle of information flow, abundance of digital platforms and tools, diversity of employee base and culture.
  • We are committed to our clients’ growth and success.

Our Clients